Instant Integral Herb Teas

Australerba Instant Integral Herb Teas are readily prepared extracts for making wholesome herb teas in a moment.

Because they are produced with the help of a multi-stage extraction method, the spagyric method, they contain many active principles of the herbs from which they are prepared which would have been thrown away in the case of ordinary brews from herbs.

There is no waste or mess in preparing a cup of wholesome herb tea from Australerba Instant Integral Herb teas.

Simply put a teaspoon or two of the extract into a cup, add hot water, and a cup of the finest blended herb tea is ready for your benefit and enjoyment. You may sweeten it if you wish. Enjoy your teas slowly and without haste. You will be surprised what they can do for you. Available in 200 ml bottles.

The following varieties are available: