Mellito Honey with Herbal Extracts

Australerba Melliti (singular Mellito), is an exquisite delicacy bringing you natural energy from the sunshine, flowers and herbs. Since the dawn mankind, honey and herbs have gone together, they come from the same source, the generous plant kingdom. Natural unrefined mellitoMainhoney has marvelous tonic and nutritional properties. When enriched with pure herbal extracts prepared in the ancient spagyric tradition, its properties are even further enhanced, according to the selection of the herbs. In many ancient cultures, herbs and honey have been combined for health and enjoyment. All classical systems of medicine, Chinese, Ayurvedic, Unani, Central Asian, Middle Eastern and traditional Western, know of such properties.

Honey has a unique capacity to absorb and preserve the properties of the herbal extracts combined with it. In Ayurvedic Medicine, this property is known as yogavaha. In ancient Italy the combination of honey with herbal extracts became great favourites, they were known as Melliti.

Australerba Melliti contain genuine spagyrically prepared herbal extracts.

Try their wonder flavours, their delicate natural taste, and experience what they can do for your breakfast table and your health and fitness.