Spagyric Production

Spagyric preparations require a series of separate extractions and a subsequent reunification of the extracts obtained.The term spagyric derives from the Greek “sapo” meaning | separate and “ageiro” meaning | reunite.

Inthis method, the active principles of a plant species are first separated, then purified, and finally reunited through the three stages of Separation, Purification and Cohobation.

SOLVE ET COAGULA — DISSOLVE AND RETUNITE — this was the golden rule the ancient masters of the spagyric art followed. After extraction of the herbs with the help of different solvents, the remaining plant residue is incinerated to a white ash from which the soluble mineral salts are then leached and added to the products. The salts can also be potentiated in different ways.
Thus the principles are reunited in a very harmonious and synergistic manner.

The spagyric method is still widely used by leading phytotherapeutical industries in various countries.


Ingredients being mixed


Prof M Junius in the laboratory


Dr Kumar insepecting products for export

Herbal teas ready for packaging for export