Last year my Naturopath introduced me to the Australerba Herbal Wine Aperitif – Armit and Amarum. I found them to be a fabolous aid for the disturbed sleep associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
For me, the disturbed sleep, or difficulty getting to sleep, is usually caused by an over-active mind, digestion problems or aching of the body. Therefore, I have found Armit (relaxation) and Amarum (digestion) to be the most beneficial, with subsequent less need for drugs.
Unfortunately, my Naturopath has been unable to get your products for many months now, and I would like any information on yiour distribution outlets on the Gold Coast. Failing this, could you please advise if I could obtain a few bottles directly from you, with relevant costs etc. I would also like to praise your Digestive Tea which I drink each night, obtainable from my doctor.

Many thanks.

J. Haig
North Queensland

Once again, I am writing for another order of your wonderful product, Australerba Herb & Honey Compound “Anti-Stress”.
With such a wonderful product, it amazes me more people are not clamouring for it.
Many thanks once again for producing this wonderful herbal remedy. I do hope you have some in stock as we will be waiting expectantly for them.
We are everlastingly thankful to you for this product. It keeps my family’s heart condition under control. We take it immediately upon upsetting words or other emotional traumas and our hearts are kept safe. This wonderful product frees us from needing GP’s rugs for our heart conditions. Taken at the first sign of stress, your product prevents heart damage.
Hope everyone comes to know the value of your product.
Mrs D Frans
Port Macquarie, NSW